Distribution Planning

Assembly Services

With more than sixty years in the industry, we are thoroughly experienced with all aspects of furniture assembly and KD (Knock Down) and RTA (ready To assemble) products shipped from overseas. We have personnel trained and available for this process, whether it is home furnishings, accessories or other consumer goods. All we need is a sample of the items and a conference with your company representative to determine assembly specifications, use and assembly preferences.

Crafting a Customized Logistics Program 

From there, we must design a shipping program to handle the finished product. We have several major suppliers in the packaging industry to consult once we have your final specifications.

Distribution Planning


We Can Get Started Today!

This type of program requires a substantial amount of planning and consultation. Fortunately, we have an experienced staff prepared to work with you to tackle the challenges of converting your bits and pieces to finished products that your customers will love and appreciate. Just call us to discuss the unique challenges of your business and your products.

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