Drop Ship

Your customer ordered from you and they want their merchandise and they want it NOW. They have already paid for it and they assume it is on its way the minute they hit the CHECK OUT button. They don’t care how the parcel arrives at their porch as long as it contains what they ordered and gets there quickly and without damage.

Home Delivery
Watkins Shepard Truck at Massood Logistics

We Make Drop Shipping Simple

At Massood, we take this responsibility personally.

Just as your customer’s satisfaction is important you, your satisfaction is critical to us. After all, if we drop the ball, you get the call and that is not good for our business relationship. That is why we treat every drop ship order as if it were going to our house. Whether it’s blind shipping or regular freight shipping of any kind, your customer’s satisfaction is essential.

Massood Operations

We Drop Ship Furniture & More..

Not only do we give each and every drop ship order our complete and undivided attention, but because we specialize and know the ins and outs of furniture drop shipping, we can go even further and provide your company the tools it needs when it is most crucial.

We know that long distance drops require at-once attention and immediate transfer to one of our 1-2 day delivery partners, such as FedEx or UPS, depending on your preference or contractual agreements.

From assembly to expedited home delivery, we can customize a drop shipping program just for you.

Expedited Shipping

We routinely turn orders in 24 hours… from receiving your bulk goods to re-shipping individual orders per your instructions.

We handle and ship each order depending on the customized logistics program we have developed specifically for you. We make sure to meet the goals and commitments you have made to your consumer and the shipping cost built in to your business model.

Massood Warehouse Worker

Logistics customized to YOUR needs

Our success depends on your success and we are ready to build a program just for YOU and your unique business. To find out how we can make your drop shipment less of a hassle for you and your staff, call us or CLICK HERE.

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