Supply Chain Consulting

For centuries, the only way to move goods to market was to build your products in factories, ship them to retailers across the country and around the world, then hope that consumers would visit these retailers and purchase your products.


Things have changed. Today, retailers are still a critical part of our distribution network but a growing number of young consumers are choosing to bypass brick and mortar stores in favor of an on-line, at-home shopping experience. For the traditional manufacturer, it is no longer a question of “on-line or in-store,” it is now simply facing the reality that a direct-to-consumer (D2C) program must be part of their overall marketing strategy.


Taking the Leap...

That decision is inevitable but success in this crowded virtual marketplace is not. If you are contemplating the jump into on-line retailing and direct-to-consumer fulfillment, you have several decisions to make and questions to answer, such as..

Where do our goods fit in this marketplace?

Where do our price points need to be to succeed?

What kind of marketing and advertising do we need?

How will this move affect our existing retail network?

How will this affect our packaging and shipping?

How will shipping affect our final cost of goods?

Do we have the know-how to ship direct-to-consumer?

These are all challenges that we can help you with. Our logistics consulting services will give you an insight into the supply chain industry and help you prevent making costly mistakes from the start.

Supply Chain Consulting at Massood Logistics


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This is just the beginning...

Entering the world of on-line marketing for a traditional manufacturing is a challenging and exciting process. First you must decide, do I jump into the deep end and learn as we go, or hire a professional who can develop a plan that will help us avoid many of the pitfalls a newcomer faces and assist us from the start with advice and insight that only experience can provide?


The choice is yours but we want to offer our knowledge and experience to you in the hope we can assist you in this exciting and daunting challenge. We've spent over sixty years building successful businesses in all points of the home furnishings supply chain, from manufacturing to retail. Our family’s company, MGM Transport, was the leader in furniture warehousing and transport for more than forty years. We have owned a chain of retail furniture stores for more than 10 years and our company, Massood Logistics now serves the entire on-line industry with warehouse storage, pack & ship, light assembly and last mile delivery. Therefore, we are uniquely positioned when it comes to being able to provide logistics consulting services and to share our knowledge of the supply chain logistics industry. 

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If you would like some experienced insight into the ever-growing on-line, direct-to-consumer sales industry, we would love to help you succeed. Just give us a call or contact us here to learn more about our supply chain consulting services.