Pick and Pack 

If your direct-to-consumer business model includes repacking various individual items, such as accessories, chances are that you will be receiving bulk cartons requiring unpacking the master pack, then preparing the individual parcels for a solo journey. This can be more complex than it may sound to the inexperienced handler. At Massood Logistics, we begin the pick and pack process by inspecting the goods and asking some key questions.

Pick, Pack & Ship | Questions to ask when looking for fulfillment services

Product Packaging

Are the individual cartons sturdy enough for rough handling?


Does each smaller unit carry sufficient item identification to match to your shipping orders?


Do the contents of the master carton match the manifest?

Order Fulfillment

Does the master carton contain all of the intended orders?

Pick, Pack and Ship with Massood Logistics

Our Knowledge of

Pick and Pack Services

This is where our experience with order fulfillment services makes the difference. Unless these issues (and many others) are dealt with upfront, your direct-to-consumer program will be a tangled mess from the start, with many headaches to follow!

Avoiding Hassles in the

Fulfillment Process

At Massood, we like to avoid hassles and headaches from beginning. That’s why we thoroughly examine your goods and orders BEFORE we start the sorting process so we can work TOGETHER and succeed TOGETHER.

Massood Logistics Can Provide Pick and Pack Fulfillment Services for You

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