Warehousing and Distribution

We specialize in Furniture Warehousing

If you're looking for flexible warehouse space for your merchandise, our fulfillment warehouses have everything you need..

Warehouse Storage Size

Is the facility large enough to meet your present and future needs? Our 3PL warehouses are! We offer flexible storage and can customize a distribution strategy just for you!

Safe Logistics Operations

Is the building secure, bonded and climate controlled? Our bonded warehouses are both secure and climate controlled.

Inventory Management Experience

You need a distribution company with the experience and expertise required to handle the special needs your product requires.. we take logistics and supply chain management seriously, because your business is our business!

Short Notice Logistics Services

We have the warehouse storage, material handling capability and the equipment for quick and efficient order fulfillment services and short notice shipping.

Massood | Furniture Warehousing in Greensboro, NC



Effective furniture warehouse management is essential to your supply chain strategy. Furniture warehousing and the distribution of home furnishings, textiles and decor is our specialty, but we offer warehousing services for apparel, accessories and other goods too.

We provide multiple locations across central North Carolina, including Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point, NC. With three large warehouses near major highways like I-40, airports (including GSO and RAL), and multiple rail depots, we can offload container from truck or rail, then transport to a bonded warehouse where it will be broken down, repacked and prepared for forwarding, drop shipping or last mile delivery. If needed, we'll provide secure space dedicated to your goods alone with limited access by plant personnel.

Remember, your fulfillment warehouse is not just your merchandise holding facility, they are your silent partner in a fast changing marketplace.

With Massood, you can offer your customers dependable and secure fulfillment services from an industry expert in supply chain logistics.

Today, prompt order handling and quality customer service is rewarded and failure is immediately punished by the ultimate judge… the consumer.

Tara Massood | Massood Logistics in Greensboro NC

Family Owned

and Operated 

The Massood family has been in the warehousing, transportation and material handling business for more than sixty years, specializing in furniture warehousing. Bringing goods from manufacturers to retailers and to their consumers has been their passion for three generations. Their experience in home furnishings is second to none and their reputation for quality and dependability is impeccable. 

Warehousing Distribution

customized to YOUR needs

Massood presently offers three North Carolina based facilities with more than one million square feet of climate controlled, secure warehouse space.



No matter what your storage questions are, Massood is your answer. For more information about our furniture warehousing or other 3PL logistics services, contact us today by phone at (336) 635-4500 or just click HERE

Our Logistics Distribution Team

Our staff is trained in the special requirements of quality home furnishings. We will adjust for your storage needs.

Custom Warehouse Storage

Your goods can be stored in dedicated (fenced if your require) space or on vertical racks for increased capacity and easy access.

Expedited Shipping 

All goods are arranged for quick access and outgoing shipments can be made within 24 hours if necessary.

Flexible Warehousing and Fulfillment Services

You goods can be forwarded in bulk or broken down by individual orders to retail stores on delivered direct to the consumers home.