A 3PL Success Story

Sometimes the Choice of your 3PL Logistics Provider means more than Pack and Ship.

When the threat of the Covid pandemic first reared its ugly head, we realized that we needed to take immediate steps to protect our employees, our customers, our vendors and our customer’s merchandise. This plague not only threatened to hurt all of us physically, but also to interrupt our business and that of many on-line retailers whose livelihood depends on secure warehouse storage and at-once shipping services in an “I want it now” marketplace.

For at least one such furniture e-tailer, our preparations and precautions allowed them to maintain their competitive position in a crowded marketplace just when their consumers needed direct delivery the most.

For this and many other on-line marketers, their choice of 3PL logistics providers would spell the difference between seizing an unusual opportunity or having their business shut down as their goods were frozen in a quarantined distribution warehouse.

July 16, 2020


3PL Warehousing is more than just a Storage Facility for your Goods

How did we avoid this cataclysmic disaster? By taking swift and decisive measures to insulate our staff and warehouse environment from outside contamination.

First, we tested all employees for the virus and instituted preventative measures to monitor their health, including masks, gloves and frequent temperature tests, plus an admonition that any employee who feels sick or exhibits symptoms should stay home and seek medical treatment at once. Then we thoroughly sanitized our three warehouses from floors to doors, after which we sealed all entrances against unauthorized traffic. All visitors were (and still are) required to make an appointment, wear a mask and avoid physical contact such as shaking hands. Truck drivers were required to stay with their vehicle as our personnel loaded or unloaded their trailer. Signs were posted throughout all of our North Carolina 3PL warehouse facilities to remind our trained staff, visitors and truck drivers to follow these guidelines.

  1. Do not enter the facility if you have a fever, sore throat, nausea, cough or runny nose.
  2. Practice social distancing and avoid contact with others.
  3. Wear masks or face shields at all times.
  4. Wash hands frequently and after any physical contact with others.
  5. TRUCKERS: please stay with your truck. We will handle goods and paperwork.
  6. VISITORS: please make an appointment or call 336-635-4500.
  7. Please be patient, we are trying to keep us all healthy!

3PL Companies are more than just a Storage Facility for your Goods - This is how Massood Met the COVID challenge and are keeping our employees safe and healthy during this pandemic.

Our Massood Family members are vital to our response to COVID-19. We are taking measures to prevent or minimize the spread of the COVID -19 virus and have implemented the above proactive steps to protect their health and safety during this pandemic.

When 3PL Companies are Needed the Most

That is when a professional like Massood Logistics really shows their strength

These and other measures helped one major e-tailers avoid a total disaster. As the pandemic loomed, they were made aware that their 3PL logistics provider had failed to prepare for this unexpected challenge and was facing a quarantine order that would close their 3PL warehouse facility and imprison their goods, preventing them from shipping orders until these goods were replaced, which could take weeks.

In the “at once” marketplace that they lived in, this delay would trigger cancellations, loss of orders and revenue, not to mention a tremendous blow to their on-line reputation.

They called Massood.

When 3PL companies are needed the most | The Massood family will go the extra mile

How Massood Saved the Day

Here’s How We Went the Last Mile for One Major E-Tailer

Fleet of tractor trailers at a 3PL Warehouse

We took immediate action to salvage their goods, orders and financial well-being. We sent a fleet of tractor trailers to their former 3PL warehouse the day we received the call, then removed their merchandise, recovered their orders, transported them back to our nearest warehouse and resumed shipping the NEXT DAY. They never missed a beat and it didn’t cost them an extra dime. 

A skilled 3PL logistics specialist can save you time, money and your business when it really counts.

3PL Companies are the Backbone of your Business

When it comes to 3PL companies, this is just one example of how important your choice of third party logistics partner can be when it really counts. They represent much more than a warehouse facility. They are your business partner and they hold your reputation and success in their hands.

Day in and day out, their attention to detail defines your business and your success. If they fail to ship on time, it is YOUR business that suffers.

Are you considering a new 3PL logistics provider?

Have you checked their experience and reputation?

Massood has its roots in the furniture warehousing and over forty years of experience in transport, logistics, warehousing and order fulfillment, a five star on-line rating with glowing reviews from customers just like you. They offer a full complement of 3PL services, including..

Our 3PL Services | Massood Logistics

Our 3PL Services






When You Need a Third Party Logistics Company, Why Not Hire the Very Best?

Remember, when disaster strikes, fast thinking by dedicated 3PL companies like Massood who pride themselves on going above and beyond the call of duty could save your merchandise and your valuable business. To find out more about our 3PL services, contact us. Don’t wait...give us a call today! 

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