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How shopping for furniture has evolved over time.

The Furniture Industry and the Advent of E-commerce Fulfillment 

For nearly two centuries, the American Furniture Industry’s distribution system was largely unchanged. Most furniture manufacturers were located in the Carolinas and Virginia, where they had easy access to an abundance of various hardwoods and a multitude of shipping options to deliver their goods to retailers across the nation. A large portion of these stores were family owned and independently operated. They depended on a variety of manufacturers who shipped their merchandise based on orders placed twice a year at the High Point Furniture Market and fill-in orders given to factory reps who traveled the country servicing these accounts.

e-Commerce Drop Shipping Services

Everything you need to know about the evolution of drop shipping coming from a 3PL perspective. How goods travel from suppliers to consumers, past & present.

3PL - Third Party Logistics - Glossary

The logistics industry has a language all of its own. Here are some commonly used logistics terms and their definition.

3PL Logistics Warehouse Docking | 3PL Services at Massood Logistics

Your 3PL provider is more than your pack & ship facility. This is an example of how crucial your choice of third party logistics partner can be when it counts most.

Massood Logistics Company Video

We continue to develop new tools and graphics to promote our Direct-to-consumer strategy… Check out our new video!!

D2C E-Commerce Fulfillment - 6 Challenges Facing Manufacturers in Today's D2C E-Commerce Landscape.

In today’s fast paced “I want it now” market, a growing number of savvy consumers are choosing to bypass brick and mortar stores in favor of an online, at-home shopping experience. If you are contemplating the jump into online retailing and direct-to-consumer fulfillment, here are a few of the challenges facing manufacturers today for those who are thinking of moving their business to a direct-to-consumer market.

Last Mile Delivery Companies - Who Goes the Last Mile for You?

Today’s world of e-commerce demands efficient and often same-day last mile delivery. This new one-day promise requires a legion of local fulfillment warehouses like Massood, that know the territory and have a network of local delivery services that they can channel.

News about Massood Logistics..

Good news travels fast! At Massood, we are constantly expanding and improving our services, hiring great people and adding shipping partners to our programs. Here is what local and national news services have been saying about us and our company…

Massood's, Archdale, N.C. warehouse

Massood Logistics opens new HQ, distribution center 

Massood Logistics has expanded its warehousing and fulfillment network with the opening of a new distribution facility in Archdale, N.C.

Greater Metropolitan Furnishings Assn.’s Dinner and Dance 

Edward Massood is among the three industry leaders to receive top honors at the annual Greater Metropolitan Furnishings Assn.’s Dinner and Dance Nov 23rd, 2019.

Massood Logistics Expands and Rebrands 

As part of a new marketing direction, Massood Logistics announced that they have undergone a complete overhaul of their brand image and message. As part of their new campaign, Massood Logistics has revised their logo and launched a new website.

Massood Logistics adds executives, expands services 

Massood Logistics, formed last fall following the shutdown of Furniture Transport Group, has added two key executives and expanded its menu of services.

Massood Logistics Expands Management Team 

Massood Logistics is adding two new members to its management team. Tara Massood will be the company’s new general manager of the concern, and Paula Powell Cubberley will join the company as an account executive.

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