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Order Fulfillment

In the world of online shopping and direct last mile delivery, nothing is more critical to your direct-to-consumer (D2C) business model than fast and accurate fulfillment. Mistakes at this point in the supply chain not only translate to costly returns but also ultimately cost you the confidence of your customer.

Order Fulfillment Services | Product Distribution

Our Order Fulfillment Process

When it comes to order processing and eCommerce fulfillment, your success is our success. At Massood, we have spent more than 60 years perfecting the science of product warehousing and distribution without error or delay. Reach out and we'll customize a distribution strategy today.

Incoming Orders

Our fulfillment warehouse processes orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When the order comes in, we go to work!

Order Preparation

Once your order arrives, we inspect the goods and tag the merchandise for shipment. If your merchandise requires special handling or assembly, it will be moved to a secure designated area equipped for such needs.

Massood has 3PL Warehouses in Greensboro NC, High Point, Winston-Salem and Eden.
Order Processing

Individual parcels are then categorized by your desired speed of delivery… next day or longer.

Scheduling / Delivery

Finally, we schedule your order for pick up by one of our many professional shipping partners. As experienced freight brokers, we strive to choose the best option in terms of time and cost for your requirements and deadlines.

Outside Massood Logistics Warehouse in Greensboro NC

We Offer eCommerce Fulfillment

Online shopping is essential to any direct-to-consumer business success. If you are looking for online retailing and direct to consumer eCommerce fulfillment services, we can form a plan for you. We are a warehousing and distribution company with more than 60 years experience in processing orders.. we know how to get anything anywhere..

Need expedited shipping? We coordinate with all major carriers, from FedEx and UPS to major common carriers, shipping lines, railroads and last mile delivery specialists. Also, we log their outgoing tracking info for your reference if requested.

Our knowledgeexperience are keys to your success. 

Customized Order Fulfillment Services

Special Handling &

Custom Assembly

Some merchandise requires additional special handling, such as repackaging, re-labeling, or some assembly. For more information on these services, see PICK & PACK and ASSEMBLY


For specific information on a customized a program to suit your business needs and your unique products, CLICK HERE.

The first step to securing a partner to execute your logistics and supply chain management plan is to contact Massood Logistics.

Tell us what your unique needs and objectives are and we'll prepare a strategy that includes costs, delivery and storage area assignment. From there, you can begin shipping goods to the Massood Logistics warehouse of your choice for immediate delivery to your customers across the US.

To learn more about our furniture warehousing and other logistics services, contact Massood today at 336-635-4500 or send a message by clicking below.

We can create a distribution strategy just for you...

Partnering with a direct to consumer professional can be a huge help in developing a successful distribution strategy.