The Importance of a Skilled 3PL Warehouse Management System and Why Massood Chose 3pl Central as Their Information Management Partner

Massood Selects 3PL Central As Their Warehouse Management Partner

As logistics supply chains evolve and grow more complicated and delivery time frames grow faster, information has become increasingly crucial for effective and reliable supply chain management. This increases the need for a modern and intuitive WMS (Warehouse Management System) solution.

Partnering with 3PL Central, the industry leader in warehouse logistics information systems, Massood has developed a robust WMS that will help us leverage data and operate more efficiently. Our WMS will ensure that we meet the precise needs of each of our customers in the retail and internet marketplace. We are proud to unveil our new, updated 3PL portal, designed by us and our programming team at 3PL Central.

May 11, 2022

Why We Chose 3PL Central As Our Warehouse Management Partner

At Massood logistics, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide our customers top quality 3PL support that is fast, cost-efficient, and dependable. That ability was built on more than sixty years of experience in home furnishings, transportation, retail operation and 3PL warehouse logistics.

We employ the best people, the best equipment and the best systems available. These assets allow us to give our customers total access to their inventory status, shipping data, and billing information whenever they need it. They can access our website 24/7 365 to obtain real time information on their goods, orders and shipments through our customer portal.

WMS Paperless Small Parcel Automation
WMS - Warehouse Management System

Massood is Always Looking for Ways to Help Streamline and Better the Warehouse Process

We Utilize the Latest Technologies in the Fulfillment Process

We utilize the latest technologies in scanning, tracking and inventory control. However, we never stop looking at new information systems that will improve our customers 3PL experience and total satisfaction.

WMS - Warehouse Management Systems

That is why we chose a major software system developer to help us build a warehouse management platform that would meet the unique needs of our clients in the home furnishings industry as well as other manufacturers and on-line sellers around the world.

Choosing a Modern and Innovative Warehouse Management System

We tested and rejected a number of warehouse management developers before developing a partnership with a software company we believe could give us and our customers an edge over their competition and keep pace with the ever increasing speed of the global marketplace with faster, more accurate, realtime data, information and inventory management.

3PL Central.. Supply Chain Warehouse and Inventory Management Software

3PL Central.. A Comprehensive Warehouse Management System

Because we are always looking for better ways to improve the supply chain process for us and our the companies we serve, we chose to enter into an agreement with 3PL Central, the industry leader in supply chain warehouse management software. We worked with them for months to mold a total comprehensive warehouse management system that fits the specific needs of our customers in the retail and internet marketplace. They have responded to our challenge with a system that meets and exceeds our expectations…a system that will ensure to take us and our warehouse clients into the future without concerns about being left behind in an ever-changing digital marketplace.

We are proud to unveil our new, updated 3PL Warehouse Management portal, designed by us and our programming team at 3PL Central.

Our new portal will include…

  • Track all items and warehouse operations from the cloud
  • Automate orders with EDI/API
  • integrations
  • Store incoming inventory promptly via direct put-away
  • Create scalable and repeatable workflows for each customer
  • Intuitive warehouse management software with modern UI
  • View total inventory, billing and reporting with a customer portal
  • Automated notifications when stock is low, orders shipped, etc.
  • Developer support, custom API/EDI and reporting with a dedicated tech services team to provide help whenever it’s needed
  • Create new value additions for all warehouse operations for your company, including:
  • shopping carts
  • attach images
  • kitting
  • final assembly
  • pallet in/pallet out
  • and much more
  • Mobile barcode scanning provides 100% warehouse and inventory management data accuracy throughout the warehouse in real time
  • REST API framework to manage custom integrations for warehouse operations
  • Integrations with leading shopping cart tools and marketplaces
  • Each order is verified in real time with a built-in SmartPack solution
  • WMS order management systems that will allow you to print labels and search for the best shipping rates.
  • Streamline your company’s time and effort by automating manual warehouse operations
  • Hands-free picking and packing and hassle-free shipping with small parcel solutions, without leaving the WMS.
  • Create customized reports for your business.
  • Email customers automated notifications about important warehouse events.
  • A permission-based web portal for you and your staff to attain complete visibility.

Digital Supply Chain Management Performance

Manual errors and lost inventory can cost thousands in missed revenue each month. With 3PL Central, we can improve productivity and minimize your order cycles with the reliable technology partner of 1000+ companies and counting.

  • Reporting On-Demand
  • Receive automated notifications of essential inventory activity
  • Replace slow and repetitive paper processes with our API and EDI framework
  • Receive unlimited software support to help your teams
  • Get up and running quickly with our custom implementation platform

Creative and Efficient Warehouse Management Solutions

Manage more orders, create unique workflows, and integrate with management systems you’re currently using with our creative solutions. Increase your orders with our innovative services.


3PL Central Has Enabled Massood Logistics to Bring the Companies We Serve the Latest Technology and the Greatest Service Possible. 3PL Central Joins a Great Team of Service Providers and Programmers, Including the Following Great Companies…


ShipEngine - Shipping API

Utilize ShipEngine which is the standard in multi-carrier logistics and shipping. Benefit from a wide range of carriers, shop for rates, and receive support for high-volume shipping.


ShipStation - Organize and streamline your order fulfillment process

3PL Central is ShipStation’s Favored WMS Partner. With this direct integration, your orders can be fulfilled whatever and wherever you sell online.


Techdinamics - Making Your Warehouse Management Process Smarter

Benefit from Techdinamics, an integrated shipping platform which fill in the missing gaps in the order process, with endless integration points with a robust middleware application for EDI, ERPs, Shopping Carts, CRMs, and other order fulfillment and accounting services to automate everything from customer (system) integrations to innovative shipping solutions.

SPS Commerce

SPS Commerce - Powering the Retail Supply Chain Around the Globe

This incorporated solution allows Massood Logistics to swiftly comply with EDI or data requirements, prevent rekeying of order and shipping information for increased accuracy, so your inventory is directly visible.

Emkat Logo

Emkat - Mobile Computer Handhelds Markets

Emkat, Inc. delivers innovative inventory management solutions for mobile computing and barcode devices. Focusing mainly on mobile hardware service and sales, Emkat provides companies of all industries with innovative, cost-effective solutions for RFID, asset tracking, barcoding and other industry productivity increasing projects.


SmartDock - Dock Scheduling in Seconds

SmartDock, an online dock scheduling platform which concentrates on increasing the efficiency of dock scheduling by enabling carriers to conveniently schedule or change dock appointments with our warehouses quickly via a convenient online appointment management tool. This allows us to reduce time spent on customer support and carrier management by 90%.

SmartDock is integrated with 3PL Warehouse Manager and has streamlined our dock scheduling system, allowing us to transition into a modern, paperless warehouses and automate our carrier appointments.

Massood Logistics is located in Archdale, North Carolina. They can be reached 336-635-4500 or your can contact us online.

The Final Word

For more information about our Furniture Warehousing and 3PL logistics services, contact us here or call 336-635-4500 and we’ll develop a 3PL strategy just for you!

As you can see, Massood Logistics has developed a comprehensive and efficient system in order to launch our customers and their businesses into the future with our comprehensive and robust warehouse management system.

To learn more about our warehouse and inventory management system and how Massood can help you streamline your business, order processing and supply chain management, and increase your supply chain success reach out to Massood Logistics today.

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