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October 4, 2019

by Massood Logistics 









In the video..

Massood Logistics | Trusted experts in Warehousing and Distribution.

You make it, we stock it, you sell it and we ship it!

Fast.. with more than 60 years experience in freight delivery, we know how to get anything anywhere.. fast!

Always Accurate.. Our systems are designed to delivery exactly what you want, exactly where you want it, on time and accurately.

Always Dependable.. We track your shipments from our door to your customer, without delay.

Massood Logistics.. Providing complete logistics support to manufacturers and retailers around the world for more than 60 years.

Just in Time Delivery.. Next week, next year or next door, all we need is your shipping instructions and a schedule.

Last Mile Delivery.. We contract with UPS, Fedex and Home Delivery professionals to deliver your goods direct to your customers anywhere in the world.

FTL & LTL.. Whether it’s a truck load or an armload, we have the trucks to delivery the goods.

Status Updates in Real Time.. Know where your goods are and when they will be delivered, day or night, with updates available by phone, text or email.

Taking logistics.. To a higher standard.

At Massood, Logistics entail more than loading and unloading trucks. We know your goods need special handling and delivery.

With dedicated storage, experienced staff and top notch partners, we are committed to providing services that match today’s faster and more demanding marketplace.

Massood… For better handling, faster delivery and more professional service, no matter what the challenge.

Order fulfillment.. For four distributors or four hundred retailers, we can tailor an order processing plan designed specifically for your company’s needs.

Product Assembly.. & Prep. Want to convert your RTA products into finished goods? Not a problem…

Need batteries installed or a special finish applied to your furnishings? All in a days work at Massood.

Spearheading Innovative Concepts.. An ever-changing marketplace requires new innovation and creativity. Whatever the challenge, we are prepared to build a program just for you and your products.

Strategically Located.. With two spacious facilities located near major highways, airports and rail, Our Mid-Atlantic office can efficiently service any location, anywhere, any time.

The Smartest Strategy to Move It.. Massood Logistics.

Massood Logistics

Trusted experts in warehouse, logistics and distribution.

Warehouse Logistics Simplified. You make it, we stock it, you sell it and we ship it!

Fast, always accurate and always dependable. We’ve provided logistical support to manufacturers and retailers around the world over 60 years.

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